Pipeline Integrity Management System (PIMS) India

Pipeline Integrity Management System (PIMS) India

Pipeline Integrity Management System (PIMS) 

This program is designed to appraise the participants on Pipeline Integrity System of the process and its role in industrial productivity.  

More than 50 % of process / industrial failures and disasters are caused due to lack of the integrity of pipelines, which form more than 40% of the installed equipment. Billions of dollars are lost due to pipeline failures due to corrosion alone beside other reasons.
An integrated pipeline system, if applied properly will be able to handle
1. The design quantity of fluid at the desired rate and
2. Minimize handling and transportation costs and
3. Will meet the process requirement at any point of time at minimum total cost.

Pipeline Integrity covers condition monitoring, Operation and maintenance methods/costs, replacement/maintenance decisions and monitoring techniques to maximize the utility of the assets and increase the profitability of the operation. Participants :
o Process / Project Engineers
o Design Engineers
o Operating staff
o Maintenance Engineers
o Metallurgical Engineers etc

1. Introduction to Pipeline Integrity
2. Conventional Pipeline Management vs Integrated Pipeline Management. (typical examples )
3. Pipeline Data collection and Listing
o Flow line data – product wise – capacity wise
o length – diameter – service wise
o Lines >1500km long, and diameter data
o Short sections data – Subsea lines
o Marine terminal & storage tanks
4. Pipelines terrain data - population densities, environmentally sensitive areas and utility facilities.
5. Pipeline failures – historical data due to External – corrosion and wall thickness deterioration. / data analysis.
6. 3rd Party Damage.
7. Impact of lack of Pipeline Integrity Management System on inspection & maintenance activities
8. Upstream & Downstream systems
9. PIMS Structure
10. PIMS Process
o Organisation
o Technical manuals
o Core work processes
o Integrity manuals
11. Computer-aided failure prediction from pipeline operation data
12. Conclusions – key benefits
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