Planning and Design Of Industrial Structures Training Mumbai

Planning and Design Of Industrial Structures Training Mumbai

Planning and Design Of Industrial Structures 

Planning and Design Of Industrial Structures i.e. Static/ Dynamic/ Seismic Analysis of Structures and Structural Systems

Section 1 Finalization of Project Details
Appointment of Licensor
Front End Engineering
Formation of Client's Project Team
To appoint PMC Specialized in Project related Clearances
Project Cost Estimate & Financial Tie-up
Overall Schedule
Vastu-Shastra (if at all you believe ??) then get Inputs early

Section 2 Site Selection
Topographical Aspects & Natural Hazards
Infrastructure & Utilities Related Aspects
Govt. Authorities Related Aspects
Availability Of Raw Materials
Man-Power Related Issues

Section 3 Statutory Approvals

Section 4 Contracts For Project Engineering & Execution

Type of Project-based Inputs( Licensor)
Site Based Inputs
Pollution Norms & Wind Direction
Internal Roads & Drains
Space Reservation For Future Expansion
Vastu-Shastra(??) - Inputs, If Any.
Crude but most efficient way to develop overall plot plan

Section 6 Unit Plot Plan
Timely Civil Group & Layout Group Interaction
How To Control Number OF cycles Of Civil Information

Durability & Maintenance Cost
Capital cost & Time Schedule
Impact On Time Schedule
Design Flexibility
Fire Hazard Requirements

Pinned, Fixed Base
Braced, Portal Frames

Section 9 Flow of Civil Activities, Civil Engg. Documents
a) Document Control & Revision Management
b) Soft Copy Control & Management
c) Optimisation Vs Time Schedule

Section 10 Codes & Standards
a) Different Type Of Loads Encountered
b) Is 875 Loading Standard Wind Loads
c) Ductility Code & Its Importance
d) Is 456 & Environmental Duty Conditions
e) Is 800 - Steel Structure Code

Section 11 Analysis of Structures
a) Seismic Forces Wrt Is 1893-Part-1
b) Analysis Of Structures
c) Parametric Study Of Bracings Patterns

Section 12 Soil Investigation
a) Location Of Bore Holes & Numbers
b) Depth Of Bore Holes
c) Field & Lab Tests

Section 13 Foundation Systems
a) Types Of Foundations
b) Equipment Foundations

Section 14 Structural Steel Connections
a) Connections In General
b) Shear Connections
c) Moment Connections
d) Braced Connections
e) Column Bases
f) Standardization of Connections & Cost Control 

Section 15 Pipe Rack
a) Types
b) Materials
c) Future Provisions

Section 16 Plant Building & Structures
a) Tank Farm
b) Technological Structures
c) Sub Station Control Room
d) Chimney, Flare Stack,
e) Utility Package Units
f) Rotating Equipment
g) Roads & Drains, Fencing
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