Industrial Safety In Mumbai-India

Marcep Inc. understands and streamline the present thinking of the world's leading safety professionals. Safety audits and trainings will be conducted by safety professional, who has a rich experience of more than 35 years in industrial safety philosophy, trainers and consultants, the experts explains the valuable experience in post major incidents in India and the worst of all the Bhopal Gas disaster. Besides, it incorporates the most common, everyday routine injuries and accidents that could be avoided with a little attention and care for detail. The safety audits & trainings are prepared for safety professionals, line managers, trainers, HR professionals and heads of industrial plants. From verifying of everyday potential health hazards i.e. entry into a confined space, falls and slips, electrical shocks, hazardous substances, hazardous material handling, disposal of hazardous materials, working with heavy machinery, forklifts, LPG gas cylinders and corrosive materials. The services we offer is of practical experiences, industrial hazards and faults. It includes training materials that can be used for learning and development of workers and professionals in your company. Most important, it contains in-depth case studies, which are selected from true incidents.

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