Aviation Industry’s Growth In India


Global Trading And Passenger Traffic To Fuel Aviation Industry’s Growth

Today, the aviation industry in India can be mainly divided into civil aviation, commercial aviation and military aviation. Boeing, Airbus, Embraer, Bombardier etc. are some of leading aircraft manufacturers in the world. What started with an urge to fly in the air for the airplane inventors is now a huge industry with a variety of flying vehicles that are flown by specially-trained pilots. 
Current Market Scenario
Due to the recession, the aviation industry has been facing a lot of difficulties. Also, fluctuations in the oil price dictate the pricing of the primary and secondary services offered by this industry. Growing economies are shifting the demand for resources on the world map. 
New technologies are improving the workflow of almost every industry. Regulatory policies keep getting updated with the changing political and economic scenario of nations. Due to the impact of oil prices on the airline industry and to back environment-friendly flying vehicles, solar-powered aircraft are being tested by aircraft scientists. 
In civil aviation, there are a good number of airlines offering economy as well as luxury services. The aviation industry experts try to save the enormous maintenance and operational costs by using expert aviation management strategies. 
Future Growth
Geopolitics instability, terrorism, rising sea levels and so on, will be drivers of change in the future.  3D Printing, robotics, cybersecurity, geospatial technology etc. are the technologies that will transform the aviation processes. Environmental factors such as infectious diseases, international regulations of emissions, carbon footprint etc. will gain prominence and force the industry to look for greener solutions.
In India, the aviation industry is growing due to the entry of low-cost carriers, Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs) and connectivity expansion to regional airports. Also, the infrastructure development and technology upgrades are saving costs for airline operations while serving customers with convenience features to encourage flying.
India Vision 2030
As per a report by leading passenger airline manufacturer Boeing, by 2034, in terms of airline traffic, the airlines in the Asia Pacific and the Middle East will become major players in global aviation.
According to insights by Airports Authority of India (AAI), by the year 2032, the Airport Freight Traffic is expected to exceed 11.4 million tonnes in India. The growth of the trading industry will benefit the aviation industry because 30% of the import/export trade takes place through airlines. 
The latest FY2017 Indian Aviation industry figures show that passenger traffic growth rate has reached 22%. Also, India’s aviation industry statistics indicate that India will become the 3rd largest market for aviation by the year 2020 and possibly the largest aviation market by 2030.
Problems Due to Safety Issues
Each and every person part of the airline industry has a key role to play. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be stories of triumph where staff from one department ended up helping the entire passengers or crew during the crisis. From engine failures to unexpected weather conditions, flying professionals need to know how the basics of how things work. 
Today, aviation industry professionals are even trained for something as unfortunate as a terrorist attack or plane hijack. For passenger airlines, the training of airline staff also involves managing people in a crisis situation. Aviation Safety training in India by experts helps companies to prepare their staff for successful flights.
Managing businesses in the aviation industry are as challenging as it is exciting. From engineering-level safety issues to cost escalation caused by delay, there are several responsibilities that aviation industry professionals need to be aware. Training programs for the various departments of the aviation industry are offered by Marcep Inc.  Contact Marcep Inc. Team to know more about aviation training in India.
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