Building the Brighter Future with Construction Industry


Building the Brighter Future with Construction Industry

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Engineers, contractors, sub-contractors, finance managers, designers, project planners, and many others are involved in the success of a construction project. 
The important role is played by the following companies:
  • Construction Services
  • Building Construction
  • Construction Contractors
  • Contracting Engineers
And India’s real estate and construction industry are growing. But lack of skilled talent along with other factors is hindering the progress of construction projects. Let’s take a look at the current state and future prospects of this huge industry.
Current Market Scenario

India’s labor-intensive construction industry consists of a number of big and small players. The big companies are structured with a systematic workflow in place. They incorporate safety procedures and proper documentation of construction projects. On the other hand, the smaller companies face critical issues because they recruit unskilled labor who are generally migrants and lack site training. Also, the paperwork and the workflow of the small companies are generally not in order. 

Some of the leading construction companies in India are L&T ECC, Tata Projects Ltd, Gammon India, Punj Lloyd etc. Skilled professionals are needed by companies to manage the labor force, contract issues, and legal concerns. Talented and trained safety supervisors are also needed to follow relevant safety procedures. Many companies invest in training their talent to avoid loss of assets and escalation of costs. 

Future Growth
Structuring the projects carefully through sufficient training of talent and infrastructure upgrades will be the drivers of growth in the future. With globalization and changing government policies, companies are slowly transforming into well-managed corporate businesses. 

Consumers are keen on knowing the quality of construction while investing in real-estate projects. With the competition in the market, project investors look for ISO-certified companies, LEED-certified project planners, and other quality-certified partners. These quality standards also help in the marketing and promotion of the property, eventually leading to a sale.

Vision 2030

As per a recent study by some reputed bodies, India’s construction sector might become the 3rd largest in the world by 2030, with a contribution of 15% GDP to the Indian economy. Also, more than 75 million people will have job opportunities in the sector by 2022. 
Several projects in India are stuck mid-way due to legal issues or approval delays. To push the growth of the construction industry, the government will need to lend support by trying to clear land deals promptly and give all the required approvals on time.

Problems Due to Environment, Health & Safety Issues

On a construction site, there are several mishaps that can happen. Today, more and more construction companies are switching to a safer work environment by utilizing safety checklists, quality checks, safety manuals, safety training, health and safety policies etc. 
Sometimes, health and safety guidelines are merely on paper for many small construction companies in India. Any unfortunate incident on the construction site can lead to small or huge expenses. It can even attract legal issues if there are fatalities due to safety issues. 
Environmental issues are gaining prominence too. Therefore, builders and construction project owners are using ethical ways to build environment-friendly green buildings. Eco-consultants and landscape architects are roped into advice on creating green premises that utilize rain-water harvesting, waste recycling plan for the property, and so on. 

With growing emphasis on quality and safety measures, many construction firms are training their in-house talent or hiring trained engineers on the latest construction safety standards. Training such as six sigma, project management, total quality management etc. are useful for professionals part of this booming industry.
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