Future of FMCG Sector In India


Brand Wars Will Continue In The FMCG Sector Growth

FMCG sectors in India | FMCG training programs in India | Future of FMCG Sectors | Market Size & Growth of FMCG Sectors

With so many brands in local shops and high-end supermarkets, vying to get attention, it will be hard to say that you may not have come across an FMCG product. The Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry is huge with big brands having endless product lines competing not only with branded products but also with unbranded local alternatives or products of a similar category.
Current Market Scenario
The three main segments of the FMCG industry are Food & Beverages, Household Care, and Personal Care. Unilever, P&G, Marico, Nestle are some of the leading FMCG companies in the world. 
The growing Indian economy has opened doors to well-paying employment opportunities in every sector. This has resulted in a population with greater purchasing power. Most of these high-income earners are interested in spending on a variety of FMCG products including luxury products, to lead a good lifestyle. 
Brands in India are spending the enormous amount of money on marketing and branding campaigns to lure these spenders who are among their target audience. 
Future Growth
New production facilities are equipped with machinery to reduce the wastage of products during production. Transport and infrastructure development are improving the methods of distribution to even the remotest areas of India. 
There are economical packages and one-time use packs for the people who have less spending power or who want the ease of unit packs. With the latest packaging technologies, FMCG companies are able to innovate and manufacture long-lasting products with the minimum damage of packages during transportation.
India Vision 2030

By 2030, India will become world’s fifth largest consumer market, according to KPMG. The FMCG industry has also seen a rise in M&A deals and more investors will pump money into this thriving sector.
As per a report by Indian Brand Equity Foundation, by the year 2015, the Indian FMCG market will reach US$ 100 billion. With the rising per capita income of the Indian population and the growth of the rural sector, total consumption expenditure will increase from US$ 1411 billion in 2014 to US$ 3600 billion in 2020. 
Brands will expand to new markets. FMCG companies will continue to utilize e-commerce platforms for selling their products. Government initiatives such as the Food Security Bill, cash subsidies, foreign investment policies etc. will push the growth of the FMCG sector. 
Problems Due to Environment Health & Safety Issues

There are several stages in the manufacturing, promotion, and distribution of FMCG products. Because FMCG products are consumed by the masses and if anything goes wrong, there will be the greater number of casualties among the consumers. Therefore, several training programs for professionals are available to efficiently manage operations and to effectively implement safety procedures in the food industry.
Soaps and Shampoos may contain chemical ingredients that need to be inaccurate proportions. Any change in the chemical composition of the products can lead to skin issues or severe health conditions. Similarly, manufacturing of edible products requires special attention especially the cleanliness of the facility. 
Also, the information printed on the label of the products should be checked by the relevant teams so as to provide accurate product usage and expiration details. Any lapse in the printed information can lead to unfortunate events, legal issues and can also lead to a tarnished brand image. 
With growing number of startups and the new initiatives by established FMCG brands, the industry will continue to offer new products. Also, these are times when the consumer is excited to try the new product hitting the shelves. Of course, to manage these FMCG products there will be a need for more and more skilled professionals. 
Training programs are essential for equipping professionals in areas such as new product development, production technology training, marketing of products, rebranding, packaging, food preservation, food, and safety management and more.
FMCG sectors in India | FMCG training programs in India | Future of FMCG Sectors | Market Size & Growth of FMCG Sectors
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