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Heavy Engineering Industries In India

Engineering is a huge industry with various segments. Primarily, the engineering industry is divided into heavy engineering and light engineering. 

Heavy Engineering covers capital goods, transport equipment, and other heavy machinery. In India, Heavy Engineering itself contributes over Rs. 25,000 crores to the economy in the form of taxes and levies. This figure gives an idea of the importance of the heavy engineering industry in the growth of the country. 

Current Market Scenario

The annual production of heavy engineering goods is an estimated 2,00,000 crores. The heavy engineering industry manufactures tools and machinery to support a wide range of industries such as petrochemicals, consumer durables, defense, aerospace, steel, paper, textiles and so on. 
Major heavy engineering industries in India are Larsen & Toubro (L&T), ABB, Cummins etc. are some of the leading companies in this industry. An ability to maintain precision and accuracy on the production floor is an important quality that heavy engineering companies look for in their employees. Marcep Inc.arranges six sigma and additional training programs to meet the training needs of the heavy engineering industry.
Future Growth

Some of the key challenges that the heavy engineering industry faces are: Cost reduction, risk management, productivity maximization, quick decision-making, adapting to new technologies, process automation and so on. Heavy engineering companies spend a lot of time on product development as well. 

With computer-aided engineering solutions and product simulators, the product development process and product testing have become way easier. The goal of heavy engineering companies is to build products that can be produced in various capacities and functionalities. 3D printing techniques have transformed the product prototype creation process. The time, effort and cost to make functional prototypes has reduced considerably with the 3D Printing systems.

Product Innovation will bring in a number of new-age engineering products in the global market. The heavy engineering industry will thrive with the developments in the emerging nations. Ergonomically-designed machines are being manufactured to influence purchase decisions that focus on ease of use for end users. 
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India Vision 2030

Platform consolidation by OEM manufacturers will give more scope for scaling the product range across brands. Regulatory frameworks are great for maintaining quality standards but they also pose several barriers for machine manufacturing companies. In the future, companies will look forward to set-up offshore production facilities in countries with less regulatory concerns.

With tariff benefits, Special Economic Zones (SEZs) and FDI policies, the Indian heavy engineering industry is growing at a rapid pace. With Indian educational institutions focusing more on the higher intake of students, the quality of education is getting affected. The industry faces the shortage of skilled labor and job-ready fresh talent.

Equipment manufacturers look for outside consultation to train their talent with customized programs. These training can include topics such as project management, supply chain management, total quality management, IT training for engineers, change management and so on. 

The Department of Heavy Industry (DHI) forecasts India to be among the Top 10 machine tool manufacturing countries in the world by 2020. Also, the Engineering Research and Development (ER&D) sector is estimated to grow from US$14 billion to US$ 44 billion.
How Marcep Inc Can Help:

As per the survey results published in a leading heavy machinery industry report, there will be a gap of as much as 74% between the demand and supply of qualified engineering talent in the world by 2020. 
Heavy Engineering is a challenging industry. Smart solutions are expected from engineers to tackle difficult situations. Right from preparing for engineering projects to learning how to manage crisis situations, Marcep Inc. provides heavy engineering professionals with the right training for a success at work.
Heavy engineering industry that involves one or more perspective such as big and heavy products and facilities (i.e. heavy equipment, large machine tools, and huge industrial structures, or huge complex with the number of process under one roof. Due to these factors, heavy industry investment and higher capital than light industries do.
Logistics and civil construction along with their mainstream manufacturing plant and supply chain management it is the busiest sector throughout the era.
Included iron and steel plants, arm and artillery production, rail transport engines and boogie, heavy machinery, and the heavy types of earth moving equipment. Throughout the century, as the petrochemical and power plant industry developed, with both heavy and light equipment for the multi-purpose sector.
Heavy industry manufactures capital good industrial machinery power plants equipment, heavy railroad and transport equipment, including aircraft and shipbuilding.
Now let us explain you the different types of heavy industries sector:

Heavy Industrial Machinery, Railway & Locomotive, Heavy Machine Tools, Automobile, Ship Building, Aircraft Manufacturing Facilities, etc.

In India, we manufacture different types of heavy machinery for the varied sectors like textiles, power plants equipment, locomotive motors etc.

Mumbai and Gujarat are the major producers of heavy equipment and machinery. The other states include Andhra Pradesh, Chennai, Kolkata, New Delhi, etc.

Some of the biggest names in heavy machinery sectors;

L&T, BHEL, Mitsubishi, Samsung, ISGEC, etc.

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