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The Power of Information Technology for Future 

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Information Technology plays a major role in today’s world. From business organizations and educational institutions to financial firms and governments, everyone seeks the ease and automation that the IT sector provides.  The IT industry is not just about developing software or providing technical support anymore. There are new roles such as User Experience Designers, Cyber Security Specialist, IoT Specialist and more. 
Technology has changed the way the world operates in the last few decades. Convergence of diverse technologies such as cloud computing, big data, mobile etc. is making it easier to access information. You can perform various actions at your fingertips and on the move. 
With the arrival of big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning and more, the IT industry has expanded to give futuristic solutions to save time, money and efforts for their clients.
Current Market Scenario
Earlier, outsourcing gave enormous opportunities for Indian IT companies to bring in foreign revenue. With the changing policies due to the changing political scenario in countries across the world, the Indian IT sector has been losing outsourcing assignments to local talent. The recent recession has also impacted the growth of the IT industry.
But with digitization, the home ground is offering enough projects for IT companies to stay busy. There is still a growing economy that required skilled IT professionals to help them with technology upgrades, new IT solutions, data security services and more. 
Future Growth

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being explored by the IT sector. At present, several companies are using chatbots powered by AI, ML, and NLP to answer customer queries and provide product information. 
The fintech sector is growing with several startups tying up with banks and other financial service providers to come up with innovative solutions for better customer experience and cost-efficient business management. As per a Gartner report, there will be 26 billion connected devices worldwide by 2020.
Smarter systems, cybersecurity information analytics, and ambient computing will be the trending technologies in the future. Internet of Things (IoT), Medical Information Systems, Textile Technologies, Online and Experiential Learning systems and more will be explored further by innovators in the future.
India Vision 2030

India’s e-Payments industry will grow to US$ 500 billion by 2020. A number of private as well as public services will be available online adding to the convenience of the users.

At a recent industry event, Minister of IT and Technology, Law and Justice Minister, Ravi Shankar Prasad predicted that India will have 30 lakh IT companies by 2030. Also, the digital, communications and IT industry is expected to reach one trillion dollars by 2022. 
The Indian government is already taking the necessary initiatives with industry partners to reach these goals and generate more jobs in the Indian IT industry.
There have been several ups and downs in the IT industry. But with the digitisation of businesses across industries, the demand for IT professionals will be needed. Disruptive IT innovations with new processes will need the expertise of advanced IT experts. 
Technology keeps changing with each new innovation by technology researchers. To be future-ready for the future, IT professionals will need to constantly upgrade their skills with training programs. With IT Training programs by Marcep Inc., you can stay ahead in the technology-empowered future.
Current Market Scenario India | Future Growth of Information Technology | Corporate Training Company in India | Information Technology Training Companies in India | Leading IT Training & Certification Courses in India
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