Achieving Zero Excuse in Waterproofing Performance - Concrete Structures

29th - 30th October 2018 Ahmedabad & 2nd - 3rd November 2018 Kolkata

Course Description

Monsoon of 2018 is on the verge of getting over.
You have noticed many leakages during this monsoon. This needs to be attended
before on set of next monsoon of 2019.
Achieving effective waterproofing has remained all time elusive target to be achieved.
There are hundreds of waterproofing systems available in market with guaranties &
warranties. But the effectiveness or perfect work is always elusive.
On one side people have achieved excellence in structural design and construction.
They have made seemingly impossible things possible.
This is not the case with waterproofing. Old structures constructed with primitive
technologies display better waterproofing performance than today’s structures constructed
with advance techniques.
What is going wrong? Why this is happening? This two day programme will handle
all facets of waterproofing systems as per details given in Agenda.
 Faculty from Industry - Participants can relate to real life situation
 Course Covers Technical and managerial angles
 In depth overview of waterproofing subject from angles
 Participants will develop analytical mind set to handle waterproofing issues and
 achieve effective waterproofing solutions after attending this 2 days workshop
Who should attend
  •  Engineers working in Industrial Plants, Factories, Power Stations
  •  Engineers from Real Estate, Housing and Infra-Structure projects
  •  Engineers from Government, Development and Municipal authorities
  •  Engineers working with Developers, Contractors, Project Management Consultants
  •  Engineers working in Repairs and Rehabilitation field
  •  Maintenance engineers working in Banks, Hospitals, Educational Institutes, Hotels and any other organization.

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Training Agenda

Training Agenda for Achieving Zero Excuse Waterproofing Performance - Comprehensive View of Current & Advance Waterproofing Techniques

Day 1

Session 1 : Mechanism of water leakage.
  •  How water leaks?
  •  Factors governing leakage.
  •  Porosity in concrete & factors causing porosity.
  •  Role of waterproofing compound.
Session 2 : Different waterproofing systems & techniques
  •  Coatings – Film forming – surface modifiers.
  •  Membranes – factory made – site made.
  •  Barrier treatment.
  •  Chemical waterproofing.
  •  Treatments applied from negative side.
Session 3 : Advance techniques
  •  EPDM membrane
  •  PVC membrane
  •  PE membrane
  •  Loose laid & bonded membranes
  •  Chemically reactive systems
Session 4 : Selection of Right techniques
  •  Factors governing selection
  •  Climatic conditions – Rainfall – Relative humidity – Sunshine – Temperature.
  •  Previous performance of system.
  •  Sample evaluation
Day 2

Session 5 : Side wall leakage
  •  Mechanism of leakage.
  •  Leakage through body of wall.
  •  Leakages through aluminium window.
  •  Leakages through cracks.
Session 6 : Maintenance waterproofing
  •  Leakages through roof.
  •  Leakage through wet areas like Toilet, Bath, Kitchen, Basement, Water retaining
  •  Structures.
  •  Concealed piping.
  •  Inspection & diagnosing cause
Session 7 : Preventive measures
  •  Preventive measures through proper design
  •  Common pitfalls in design
  •  Measures to be taken during construction
  •  Learning through mistakes
  •  Importance of waterproofing consultant
Session 8: Managing waterproofing works
  •  Preparing BOQ – Specifications, Tenders
  •  Selecting Comparable products
  •  Guarantees: a superb myth
  •  Supervision during execution
  •  Testing

For registration call us at +91-22-62210100 Mobile no. 7977464398  Email us on

Course Director

B. E. Civil with 42 years of field experience in Construction Management for new construction as well as building repairs and waterproofing jobs. He has conducted various training programmes in various construction related subjects on PAN India basis for last 10 years. Senior Professional Engineer, Registered with Engineering Council of India, having 41 years of all-round experience in Construction, Repairs, Rehabilitation & Retrofitting projects. Worked all over India & abroad for Residential, Industrial, Hydro Power, Thermal Power & Transmission line projects. Seasoned Trainer for various corporate like Tata Housing, Lodha, Runwal, Ajmera, Kanakia, L&T etc. Conducted many open public training programmes. Professional Affiliations: Life member of Indian Concrete Institute, Institute of Engineers India, American Concrete Institute, Association of Consulting Civil Engineers, Indian Society of Structural Engineers.
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