De-risking Projects - Building High Performance Project Delivery Teams

27th-28th August 2018-Mumbai and 30th-31st August 2018-New Delhi

Course Description

Course Description for De-risking Projects - Building High-Performance Project Delivery Teams

Craig has coached blue chip companies, project owners, and their contracting entities to create innovative ways to solve their engineering challenges and make projects more profitable and more effective. HIP specializes in coaching executives, project managers, and delivery teams to achieve extraordinary performance by developing
and installing new leadership and management capabilities and, generating the necessary shifts in mindset, leadership, behaviors, and action required for exceptional performance.
This methodology has proven to save individual projects hundreds of millions of dollars in Capex and accelerate project completion, hence first production, ultimately making projects more profitable.
Project collaboration began with the BP Andrew Alliance in the North Sea and was the first project work culture and mindset shift away for the traditional owner/ contractor, master/servant mindset to a collaborative mindset committed to a set of common performance goals. Using this collaborative methodology, the Andrew team delivered the project with a Capex reduction of approximately 110M GPB’s and achieved their first oil six months ahead of schedule.
Project owners around the world quickly realized that working collaboratively produced far greater performance than working in typical Owner/Contractor Mindset.
Again, this is a mindset shift away from the traditional Master/Servant relationship to a Collaborative and Relational approach.
We call these types of projects “Breakthrough or High-Performance Projects”.

Address Culture (Mindset) Before Strategy and Process:

It has become common knowledge among many Global Companies that the performance of individuals and groups is shaped by paradigms or mindsets. Mindsets are the highly influential background that a group inherits from past experience, that shapes both their views of a situation and how they operate in that situation; that is, their unexamined past-based views, that drives thinking, communications, behaviors and actions in their current business situation. The mindsets that produce extra-ordinary
performance and effective communication are different than the mindsets that only produce business as usual.

Intended Outcomes:

The intended outcomes for the participants in this 2-day work session are:
1. A shared understanding of the main components for generating highly collaborative, high-performing project team cultures
2. Participants have direct experience of the mindset shift and new skills for improved performance
3. New Leadership competencies for generating innovative thinking and action
4. A 90-Day Performance Outcome that would make a real difference for them
5. A common performance-based language for coordinating action and improving reliability with deliverable from themselves
6. Greater effectiveness when communicating (speaking & listening) in public settings and relating with the differing audiences;
7. Practice with the art of engaging others in taking on greater commitments.
The outcomes from this engagement involve shifting the mindset of the participants from their past-based views of themselves to one of innovation and high performance.

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Training Agenda

Two days training agenda for De-risking Projects - Building High-Performance Project Delivery Teams

Create Shared Understanding
Kick-Off - Welcome, Opening Remarks,
• Review Objectives & Setting the Stage Leadership & Management
• Relationship as the Foundation for All Accomplishment
• What we mean by “Breakthrough Project” and how to gain access
Present Collaborative Project Methods and Components with Case Examples:
1. Open Communication and Collaborative Behaviors (Performance-Based Culture)
2. Developing the Right Objectives (Alignment of objectives to Breakthrough)
3. Unique Incentive Model (sharing of realized additional profits) and innovative Contracting Strategies
4. An Aligned Framework for the Integrated Collaborative Project
Management and Delivery Teams.
Case Examples: “Andrew and Wandoo”

Addressing the Human Factors of Integrated Project Performance
Present Innovative and Breakthrough Thinking Model and Begin the Mindset Shift
• Results>Actions>Mindset
Addressing the Project Culture
• The power of an “Inspiring Context” Reveal the Past-Based Thinking
• Downward Spiral and its impact on thinking, action, and performance.
How a Mindset gets Formed
• Vicious Cycle on Projects
• Reactive Behaviours vs Generative Leadership Access to Generating New Thinking
• How this applies to you and your projects. The Importance of Language on Performance
• New Performance Language Application in Triads
• Practice coaching each other: Coach, Coachee and
Introduce Automatic Thinking
Review Short Evening Assignment

Addressing the Human Factors of Integrated Project Performance
Debrief and Deepen Models: Tables & Group discussion from Day One
Examining our Projects from 4 Performance Quadrants
• BAU, Crisis, Thinking the Unthinkable and Sustainable Business Breakthrough
• Descriptive vs Generate Project Language Increasing Connections
• How Stakeholders Relate to You:
• Stereo-Type, Reputation and Core Values Creating Your Leadership Stand for Yourself

Move into Action: Align on a set of 90-day
SMART ++ Strategic Outcomes
• Structure for Fulfillment: How to Engage Teams and Stakeholders
• 4 Conversational Tools for Engagement Practice and Presenting Front of the Room 2- mins Talks
• Debrief, Coaching and Feedback Develop Micro-Strategies to Achieve 90-Day Outcomes Insights, Learnings
What you Can Do Differently Tomorrow
• Acknowledgment & Appreciation

Overseas and International delegate fees 950 USD

For registration contact us at or call us on +91-22-62210100 mobile no. +91-9619046105

Course Director

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