Excavation - Trenching - Soil Mechanics

Course Description

Challenges and Hazards associated with it and its mitigation plan, Different new technology being practiced globally in
these works, Innovative new design for safe execution in the poor rock mass, A few case studies for future uses &
improvement and knowledge sharing session to keep updated for enhancing the skill & competency level of individual
and ultimately benefit the organization.
Faster, safer and cost-effective execution/ operation of such projects, up-keeping the knowledge of Innovative and new
technology and adoption in the industry, Awareness and enhancing the safety, health and environment standard as
global level.
Find the excavation and trenching regulations in 29 CFR 1926.650-652..
Understand the background and importance of excavation techniques. Give examples of different types of excavations found on
the worksite.
Be able to define the different types of excavations. This can include, but is not limited to excavation, trench, sloped excavations,
and the importance of maximum allowable slope.
Know the relationship between different types of soils. Know what is meant by competent soil, incompetent soil, and stratigraphy.
Know the potential hazards posed by excavations. This includes, but may not be limited to, cave-ins, falls, and equipment, water
accumulation standing water, electric shock, structural stability, and hazardous atmospheres.
Know the different types of soils. This includes stable rock, Type A soils, Type B soils, Type C soils, and layered soils.
Know basic procedures on how to determine soil type.
Know how and when shoring system is to be put in place. Be able to identify the right type of materials to be used for shoring
Know how and when shielding is used in excavations.
Know how to remove support systems and what to do with spoils.
Know the responsibilities of those who work with excavations. This includes awareness-trained personnel and the Competent
Person. The need and importance of an inspection program is also included.
Learn procedures necessary to safely work around excavations on the job. This includes how to cross trenches, proper entry and
exit from excavations, exposure to vehicles, exposure to falling loads, warning systems, and emergency response.

Training Agenda


A. Excavations & Trenching regulations in 29 CFR 1926.650-652..
B. Different types of soils classification
C. Potential hazards posed by excavations Risk & Mitigation Plan
D. Occupational Safety Health Administration OSHA Standards
E. Ground Improvement & Quality Assurance and Quality Control
F. Cut of Wall & Diaphragm Wall
G. Innovative approach and achievements
H. Shoring & Piling
I. Tunnelling & Shaft Excavation
J. Case Studies
K. Knowledge Sharing Session
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Course Director

M. Tech. with over 3 decades of rich experience in various fields in u/g excavations in projects like hydropower, various ores/ minerals, tunnels for roads/ railways/ water etc mainly in fragile Himalayan terrains; Worked as Manager (Geology) from Sept' 88, started as Class-I Officer, to Jun' 03 in PPC Ltd (A Govt. of India U.T.) for u/g mining consisting of P&D/R&D of mines/ production involving tunnels, shaft/ winze sinking, incline/decline/raises / stope panel design/ cavern etc for pyrites & phosphates minerals in Bihar, Uttrakhand & Rajasthan respectively; From July' 2003 to Dec' 2005 served as an advisor to a private agency involving u/g & open cast mine planning/ production/ quarrying/ u/g civil construction/ environmental protection works in projects situated in Jharkhand, Orissa, Chhattishgarh & MP. As President (Mines) at M/s Balasore Alloys Limited (A Former Ispat Group) from Aug' 13 to Mar' 17, my goal was to contribute in planning & speedy development of open cast & u/g mines for safe excavation to meet our sustainable requirement of the captive plant of the Company. Having publications /presentations in national & international journals/ conferences/ workshops. Now, Started working as Independent Geotechnical/ Geological /Mining Freelancer and Consultant: Assessment /Evaluation and Optimized Engineering & Design Support of Tunnelling (DBM/ NATM even in friable Rock mass) proposals for safer and faster executions in Infrastructure Projects like Hydro-power, underground Chambers /Caverns /Highways/Railways/Metros; Mining industry solutions (both u/g & opencast Mines), Assessment & Development of Coal Mining including Coal Bed Methane (CBM) & Coal Mine Methane (CMM). Geotechnical/ Geological recommendations including Foundations, Ground Improvement, Grouting, Slope stabilization supports. Risk Assessment/ Contract/ Claim Mgt. Available for full/short time challenging assignments. Contact: yash@marcepinc.com www.marcepinc.com Tel: +91-22-62210100
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