Hazardous Industry Laws MSIHC Rules, Scope & Applicability

26 - 27 April 2019 Mumbai

Course Description

Course description for Hazardous Industry Laws MSIHC Rules, Scope & Applicability

Course Importance:
Handling of most of the chemicals & gases pose inherent hazards in terms of “Flammability”, “Health Problems” “Toxicity”, “Environment Pollution” etc. Handling of Hazardous Chemicals has always been a challenge for the Chemical Industries. The inefficient operations causes serious repercussions to humans & environment. Regulatory frame work as per MSIHC rules provides the regulations for safe Manufacturing, Storage & Import of Hazardous Chemicals.
The two days course shall deliver the topics on “Hazardous Industries-MSIHC Provisions” including Regulatory Framework, Standard Operating Procedures, Best Engineering Practices etc.
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Training Agenda

Training Agenda for Hazardous Industry Laws MSIHC Rules, Scope & Applicability


Session 1:

Hazardous Substances

Classification & Associated Hazards

Session 2:

Manufacturing, Storage & Import of Hazardous Chemical –Rules

Threshold Quantities & Their Regulations

Regulatory Bodies under MSIHC Rules

Session 3:

Emergency Response & Disaster Management Plan

Mutual Aid Provisions

Session 4:

Transportation of Hazardous Chemicals

Motor Vehicle Act Provisions for HAZCHEM


Session 5:

Safe Handling of Pressurised Gases

Gas Cylinder Rules & SMPV Rules

Session 6:

Managerial Perspectives in Hazardous Industries
Work Permit, Management of Change, SOPs, Safety Audits


Chemical Accidents Preparedness Rules.

Mock Drill Exercises

Accident Investigation & Reporting


Real Incident Case Studies

Experience Sharing

Closing Session
The topics shall be explained with number of video clippings & real life case studies.
Some of the illustrative case study topics are mentioned below:
Case Study-1 : Bhopal Gas Leak Incident of 1984
Case Study-2 : Jaipur Depot Petroleum Fire of 2009
For Registration +91-7045544805 - +91-9619046105 Email karan@marcepinc.com - info@marcepinc.com


Course Director

Mr. A.K.Arora: Ex- Incharge (Process & Engg.), Oil Industry Safety Directorate cum General Manager, Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. Mr. Arora is a Graduate Mechanical Engineer from IIT-BHU. He served large chemical industries in India & Gulf in the fields of Process Safety, Plants Maintenance, Engineering Services & Projects Management, for about 35 Years. During his tenure with OISD, Mr. Arora conducted number of Technical Audits of chemical plants across the country. He also contributed his expertise in preparing number of Technical Standards during the period. Now he serves the industry by way of conducting Seminars & Training Sessions for the technical professionals. Mr. Shashi Vardhan Pandey: Ex. General Manager: Indian Oil Corporation & Addl Director (Environment), Oil Industry Safety Directorate. Mr. Pandey is a Graduate Chemical Engineer, with about 35 years of Chemical Industry experience in the fields of Plant Operations, Technical Services, Projects & HSE function at number of Chemical Plants & Facilities. During his tenure with OISD Mr. Pandey Conducted number of Technical Studies, Standards Writing, Technical Audits of number of industries. He was also active member in number of technical committees in co-ordination with MOEF, CPCB & NDMA
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