Issues & Challenges in Thermal Power Plants Environmental Norms

25th-26th April 2018 Mumbai - 27th-28th April 2018 Kolkata

Course Description

The Objectives:

The objectives training program is to create awareness & sensitize the Power Plant Engineers/ Professionals about the challenges in power sector due to stringent tariff regulations, Environmental norm & PAT implementations. It also addresses how to meet the challenges through Power Plant combustion improvement, Equipment efficiency improvement by retrofitting, adopting best O&M practices and adopting new technologies

The Learning Outcomes:

Participants shall gain knowledge on:
1. Present challenges faced by the thermal power sector.
2. Fundamentals of coal combustion in utility boilers, combustion optimization, and efficiency improvement and thus protect the environment
3. Different coal combustion Technologies available utilities.
4. Plant individual equipment (boiler, air heaters, mill & ESP) performance assessment methodology & Computations, performance data analysis. Which shall enable them to work out potentials areas for improvement.
5. New technologies for meeting environmental norms

On attending the program participant can implement the knowledge in their own stations and can achieve appreciable performance improvement and will be able to meet the environmental challenges.
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Training Agenda

Issues & Challenges in Meeting New Environmental Norms in Thermal Power Plants 

Through Technology Intervention & Performance Improvement

Training Agenda

Day- One
  • Fundamentals of solid fuel combustion & combustion calculation.
  • Mechanism of pulverized fuel combustion in utility boiler.
  • Comparison of different combustion technologies FBC, CFBC & PF combustion
  • Coal quality & its impact on combustion & boiler performance
  • Boiler performance assessment, computation & analysis
  • Air heater performance indices & new technology intervention for air heater performance improvement.
Day- Two
  • Mill performance parameters & mill improvement potentials through new technology intervention
  • Boiler performance & Combustion optimization
  • New Environmental Norms & Challenges for Thermal Power Stations
  • Technology (ESP up-gradation, FGD & NOx Control devices) & solutions to meet challenges
  • Case studies & group discussion
For registration or in-house training contact us on or call us on 022-62210100

Course Director

Qualifications: Ph.D. (IIT Bombay) Presently working as guest faculty at Indian Institute of Technology(ISM Dhanbad) Dhanbad, NPTI Faridabad & Power Management Institute NTPC, Tata Power, Adani Power, CBIP. DVC etc. Member of BOARD OF COURSE OF STUDIES FOR M.Tech Program for Fuel & Mineral Engineering Dept of IIT Dhanbad Total Experiences a 30yrs in NTPC in areas of coal combustion problems in power station boiler. Assessment and analysis of Boiler. Air heater, Mill Performance & identification gap area. Assessment of improvement potential. Details of Experiences: Centre for Power Efficiency & Environmental Protection, NTPC 1. Boiler performance assessment & gap analysis through off-line monitoring of process parameters like fuel flow, flue gas temperatures and flue gas compositions (CO, CO2, O2) develop the action plan for improvement in gap areas. 2. Performance assessment of Air Heater, Mill & ESP, and their computations &analysis. 3. Insulation (radiation) loss test 4. Combustion optimization in power plant 5. Optimization of Coal blending in Power station 6. Assessment of combustion reactivity of Non-coking coal 7. Organizing Seminar, workshop, Training program Faculty for Training programs of Power Management Institute of NTPC for coal fired power plant engineers, Guest faculty external Institutes (IIT Dhanbad & NPTIs & Different Power Companies NTPC, R&D: 15 Years Publications: More than 25 papers published in the national and international journal
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