Maintenance & Troubleshooting of Gears & Gearboxes

7th - 8th January 2019 Mumbai - 9th - 10th January 2019 Kolkata - 11th - 12th January 2019 Chennai

Course Description

Course Description for Maintenance & Troubleshooting of Gears & Gearboxes - ROADMAP TO RELIABILITY

Operation, Maintenance, Trouble shooting of Gearboxes. The training program starts with definition of words gear and pinion and concentrates mainly on gear fundamentals, maintenance and reliability. Further the common base tangent to pair of meshing gears is explained as path of contact and line of action and further the law of gearing or conjugate action of gears is demonstrated. Types of gear tooth forms are discussed and advantages of involute as gear tooth profile are explained. The module and pressure angle of gear is defined. Different types of gears and their advantage in particular type of application is discussed. Then manufacture of gears and quality required for particular application and equipment is discussed. Concept of addendum modification and balanced gear pair design is explained. In running of gears it is important to use correct type of lubricant. Lubrication and cooling of gears is discussed in details considering the type of gear tooth contact and difficulties in lubrication gears. Important considerations in maintenance of gears and gearboxes is discussed. Gearbox lubrication and maintenance schedules as well as gearbox trouble shooting is presented. Importance of selection of gearbox of for reliability centered maintenance is discussed. Selection of gearbox depends on Service factor considered.

What you will learn:
  • Proper installation and maintenance methods.
  • How to determine proper tensions.
  • Correct alignment procedures.
  • The importance of proper lubrication methods.
  • Proper bearing selection.
  • How to spot symptoms of failure.
  • How to select the appropriate remedy.
Course Benefits:
  • Increase operating efficiency.
  • Reduce wear and tear on equipment.
  • Reduce unscheduled downtime.
  • Minimizes losses in production.
Professionals need to know:
All gearboxes must receive periodic maintenance including an oil change. Oil should be checked regularly for contamination from dirt, debris, and other fluids such as water. The oil should also be changed periodically based on hours of operation and on oil temperature. Oil that operates at elevated temperatures (above 150° F), needs to be changed more often than oil that operates at 120° F. As the temperature increases up to 180° F the oil change frequency increases significantly. Between 180° and 200° F the recommended time between changes is reduced by 75%. Elevated temperatures accelerate the breakdown of the oil’s molecular structure thereby inhibiting its ability to form a protective film. If oil continuously operates above 200° F, a circulating lube oil system should be considered to cool the oil.
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Training Agenda

Training Agenda for Maintenance & Troubleshooting of Gears & Gearboxes - ROADMAP TO RELIABILITY

Introduction to couplings
- Gear Terminology
- Types Of Gears
Practical Task # 2 (DVD on Drive Components)
Gear Boxes (Gear Drives or Gear Reduction)
Gear Drives
Parallel Shaft Single Reduction Gearboxes
Right Angle Gearboxes
Gearbox Maintenance and Troubleshooting
Backlash In Gears
Bevel Gear Installation
Worm Gearing Mesh Patterns

Gear Lubrication
Preventive Maintenance
Analyzing Gear Failures
- Introduction
- Importance Of Lubrication
- Gear Inspection
- Gear Tooth Wear and Failure
Summarize lesson learnt
Tea Break
Evaluation/ Examination
Course Close out
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Course Director

Internationally renowned mechanical engineer with 3 decades of experience in power generating station (gas turbine - steam turbine - boiler - HRSG) operation and maintenance - start up power plant from beginning start Professional Experience: 10 Years as a senior training engineer Saudi Electricity Company During this period he was responsible for training and development: CM - Corrective Maintenance PM - Preventive Maintenance T & I - Test and Inspection RCM - Reliability Centered Maintenance WO - Work Order MIMS - Maintenance Information Management System . 4 Years as a senior mechanical engineer: ISCOSA Industries & Maintenance Ltd. A SIEMENS Company, Dammam - Saudi Arabia He gave unparallel performance during that period was very satisfactory and there he got A certificate for working on following equipments: - Gears & Gearboxes Operation Troubleshooting and Maintenance - Pump O&M and Troubleshooting. - Gas Turbine Operation and Maintenance - Shaft Alignment and Vibration Analysis - Bearing turbine Technology - Steam turbine operation Maintenance - Mechanical troubleshooting for Pumps, Gears, Compressors, Bearings and Lubrication. - Gas turbine Maintenance and Overhauling (Chevron, Aramco, QP, SEC, Sabic ) - Gas Compressors Operation Maintenance (Sabic, Sab tank) 5 Years as a Operation Training Manager (Sultanate of Oman) During this period, he was working in Sohar Power and distillation plant as Operation Training Manager. 11 Years in Cairo South Combined Cycle Power Plant. During this period he was Responsible for Operation and Coordination with Maintenance of Gas turbine, Steam
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