Maintenance and Troubleshooting Centrifugal Compressor

Maintenance and Troubleshooting Centrifugal Compressor

Course Description

Course Objectives:

For technical services and project people, the course gives an in site into the right selection of a machine, How to draft a procurement specification of a compressor. They are exposed to the method of performance evaluation, understanding performance curves operational issues like parallel operation and evaluate the machine performance from site operating data. For Operational people, this course gives an exposure to understand surging, choking and off design operation of the machine. Operational care required for the typical services will help them to understand the more reliable operation and help them to take immediate corrective actions.
For maintenance people. they will get an exposure to the constructional aspects and help them to ensure proper assembly and diagnose the mechanical problems and those of the operational problems caused by mechanical malfunctioning.
This training program has 3 comprehensive modules consisting of what essentially the engineers working in the process and refinery industries must know where they get necessary concepts and give them the ability to diagnose and resolve the issues.

Module I: Introduction, types of compressors, API Codes, thermodynamics, performance curves, Selection
Module II:
Manufacture of critical parts, assembly & testing of the machines and inspection and maintenance and system design which deals with the associated auxiliary systems supporting the machines.
Module III: Operation, Maintenance, troubleshooting and Diagnostics which provide an exposure to the operational practices for critical plants like Refinery, Fertilizer, Petrochemical and steel plants. Many case studies will be presented to show failures and typical resolutions. Do's and don't recommend for reliable operation also are brought out.

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Training Agenda

Centrifugal Compressor Training Modules

Two Days Training Agenda
Day One

No Topic Sub-Topic
1 Registration & Introduction  
2 Centrifugal Compressor  
    a. API Standard 617
    b. Selection Criteria
    c. Design
    d. Driver
    e. Working principle
    f. Performance Curves
    g. Key components
    h. Assembly care and attention
3 Auxiliery Systems  
    a. Lube seal & DGS systems
    b. Other shaft sealing arrangements

Day Two

No Topic Sub-Topic
1 Auxiliery systems II  
    a. Thrust management
    b. Surge/capacity control of Centrifugal Compressor
2 Centrifugal Compressor  
    a. Start-up
    b. Operation & Maintenance problems
    c. Diagnostics
    d. Troubleshooting
    e. Overhauls & Case studies
3 Do's & Dont's of Centrifugal Compressor  
    a. Operation reliability improvements
5 Group Discussions and Q&A  

Course Director

He is trained at M/s Nuovo Pignone, Italy worked for over 40 years in Centrifugal Compressors domain out of which he has 30+ yrs of experience at BHEL, India. He has Expertise in Centrifugal Compressors, Design, Selection, Auxiliary systems, Diagnostics and troubleshooting and Performance evaluation. He Conducted training programs at 60+ client locations India & abroad
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