Operation, Maintenance and Safety Of Storage Tanks

7th - 8th February 2019 Mumbai

Course Description

Course Description & Benefits For Operation, Maintenance and Safety Storage Tanks:

The Workshop is intended to clarify the terminology of storage tanks, explain the concept of vapour emissions, how to measure them and control them on existing and new build tanks. Attending this Workshop will enable attendees to fully understand:-
  • The basic design and construction of various types of storage tanks
  • The terminology used in in the storage tankage industry
  • The equipment specified and installed in storage tanks to control vapour emissions including a special section on the Aluminum Geodesic Dome Roof
  • The effect on health and the environment due to hydrocarbon vapour emissions
  • The way vapour emissions can be detected and measured
A number of practical measures that tank design and maintenance engineers can take to control vapour emissions There will be ample opportunities for everyone to ask questions and discuss particular issues with tanks related to attendees place of work. The Workshop is presented in English by Dr. Brian Quinn from the UK. Brian has more than 40 years experience and expertise in the international storage tankage business industry. His practical approach to this rather complicated subject should be appreciated by everyone who attends the Workshop and hopefully they will be better aware of the issues involved and how they can take immediate actions to control them.
Operation, Maintenance and Safety Storage Tanks This seminar is aimed at engineers involved in the design, maintenance and operation of storage tanks with the object of ensuring that they fully understand the various types of storage tanks
This Workshop on Storage Tank Safety and Maintenance is without doubt the most comprehensive presentation of its type ever available on the training market.
Presented in a straight forward manner using Power Point and including more than 450 photographs and graphics, 200 Sides and 35,000 words of dialogue this Workshop is presented in a manner that will enable attendees who do not have English as their first language to fully understand the essential points.
The Workshop covers Fixed Roof Tanks and Floating Roof Tanks and explains their basic Design, Construction and essential Maintenance with particular emphasis on how these issues control Hydrocarbon Vapour Emissions. The Workshop explains the features of these tanks and the equipment normally fitted on them. The Workshop has been extended to include the Aluminum Geodesic Dome Roof and fully explains the concept of this type of tank roof and its application in the storage tankage market.
Following comments from previous workshops, Underground Tanks will also be included. The Workshop explains practical measures that tank operators can take to ensure their tanks operate within the international requirements on release of unnecessary hydrocarbon emissions. The Workshop does not promote or endorse any particular manufacturer of tank equipment but rather seeks to explain the features of the various types that are available on the international market.
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Training Agenda

Training Agenda For Operation, Maintenance and Safety Storage Tanks

Module 1
Fixed Roof Tank - Cone Roof - Dome Roof:
Detailed explanation of each type of these tanks and their use for storage of hydrocarbon liquids
Aluminum Geodesic Dome Roof:
Basic design and installation details as well as the application and cost advantages of this type of tank roof

Module 2
Internal Floating Roofs:
Explanation of the various types of IFR’s, i.e , Pontoon - Full Contact, Honeycomb & Pan. Detail explanation of their basic design and application
Nitrogen Blanketing & Vapour Recovery:
General explanation of various systems and how they work to control vapour emissions

Module 3
External Floating Roof Tank:
Explanation of the basic design and application of the EFRT
Primary and Secondary Seal Systems - Gauge Pole Sleeves - Leg Socks - Leg Seals - Roof Drain System: 
Detail explanation of the design and operation of these items of tank equipment and how they help control vapour emissions

Module 4
Tank Maintenance - Planned Maintenance - Routine Maintenance:
Explanation of tank maintenance issues for EFR and IFR Tanks and all major items of equipment on a tank, e.g. Seal System, Roof Drains & IFR’s and the important contribution it can make to ensure the integrity of the tank

Module 5
Cost, Health, Safety & Environment:
Explanation of the impact of vapour emissions

Module 6
Measuring Vapour Emissions - Infra red camera - EPA AP42:
Explanation of equipment and techniques used to detect and measure vapour emissions from tanks

Module 7
Practical measures that can be taken by Tank Terminal Operator and Maintenance Staff to Control Emissions
Question and Answer Session
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Course Director

Dr. Brian Quinn, 35 years experience in the storage tanks industry for O&M and Safety With over than 35 years commitment to the storage tankage industry,providing expert, impartial support to many international oýl refýneries, termýnal operating companies and tank contractors. Particular experience and expertise in the design, construction and business development of the complete range of storage tanks and storage tank products and services, including: • aluminum dome roofs • aluminum internal floating roofs – pontoon and full contact • primary and secondary seal systems for internal and external floating roof tanks. • roof drain systems for external floating roof tanks • floating suction units for fixed roof tanks • external floating roof tanks • fixed roof tanks • cryogenic tanks - LNG, LPG. Worked closely with and supported the following companies: Ateco, ADNOC, Foster Wheeler, HMT, Land and Marine, Motherwell Bridge, McTay, MOBIL, Sir Alexander Gibb, Toyo Kanetsu KK, The Nuclear Power Group, VACONO, Whessoe etc.
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