Procurement Leadership Conference 2017 India Asia

Procurement Leadership Conference India

Course Description

Day One Agenda

Conference Day One – Thursday 14th December 2017

08:15 | Registration and welcome coffee

08:50 | Opening remarks from the chair

Finding inspiration to lead an outstanding procurement team

09:00 | OPENING KEYNOTE ADDRESS: People development – eg case study

How to get more people to want to work in procurement
Reallocating and retraining to value-driven functions
How to drive and retain millennial talent

09:40 | Creating a remarkable team by identifying, developing, mentoring and retaining your best people

Redesigning internal stakeholder engagement and relationship to rapidly create transformation
Getting the best out of people and working with teams
Building influencing skills to bring on board internal and external stakeholders and strengthen your
procurement team


Take this opportunity to build, expand and strengthen your procurement and supply chain network.
Remember to bring lots of business cards!

10:30 | Morning tea

Developing the competencies and capabilities of modern leaders

11:00 | INSPIRATIONAL SESSION: Encouraging young rising stars to build a great career in procurement

Discovering a passion for the procurement profession and the value it can add to both the organization
and the wider community
Building skills and competencies to achieve your goals
Achieving professional success
Delivering core values to your organization through strategic procurement

11:30 | PANEL DISCUSSION: Integrating and aligning strategic procurement with business objectives

How can you enhance cross-department engagement to increase procurement value to the whole of
The business?
What are key strategies to ensure your department delivers value to the organization?
Tips and hints on devising strategies for value-driven procurement to support collaboration and foster
competitive advantage.
Panel moderator:
Effective contract management for agile and efficient processes

12:15 | Analysing various contracting models and the benefits of simplified relational contracts

How companies are re-thinking their contracting models to deliver value
How different contracting models can help improve stakeholder relationship management and drive
innovation and value chain optimization
Assessing how simplified relational contracts open previously locked value

12:45 | Networking lunch

Global trends in procurement – and its impact

13:45 | A deep dive into the pitfalls of contract and commercial management

Implications of value leakage from poor practices
The importance of increasing procurement’s influence with senior officials
The substantial benefits from changing procurement’s mindset around contract management
The opportunities being presented to take a greater leadership role by establishing better long-term
relationships with suppliers

14:15 | CASE STUDY

14:45 | CASE STUDY

15:15 | Afternoon tea


These interactive roundtables provide the opportunity for attendees to divide into groups and discuss
niche ideas, practical tips and work through challenges faced by other executives from multiple industries.
Each roundtable will begin with a brief presentation by the moderator, who will then open the discussion to
the table.

On the day, you will be able to choose three of the below to attend. Each roundtable will run concurrently
over three-time slots

Roundtable 1 (15:45 – 16:15) : Attracting and retaining the best procurement people

Roundtable 2 (16:15 – 16:45): Building the knowledge and capabilities to advance your career in

Day Two Agenda

Conference Day Two – Friday 15th December 2017

08:30 | Welcome coffee

08:50 | Opening remarks from the Chair

Developing a winning strategy by improving stakeholder engagement

09:00 | Opening Keynote Address: Driving early engagement by improving stakeholders relationship and increase their offering

Moving beyond bureaucracy and delivering self-service to improve customer relationship
Assessing practical solutions for incorporating value and innovation in planning, procurement and project management from
conception to delivery
Analyzing and improving procurement processes to deliver better commercial outcomes for internal and external stakeholders

09:30 | Supplier’S Think Tank: How can suppliers engage better procurement teams to integrate technology and automation?

In this Think Tank session, a panel of regular suppliers of procurement and supply chain solutions and services will come together
to brainstorm practical ways that organizations can better interact with vendors.
During this session, they will leverage their expertise to uncover ideas to deliver better commercial outcomes for both parties.
This will be a unique and highly valuable opportunity to get an insight into digital transformation, technology, and automation from a
vendor’s perspective and the session will look to identify actionable areas in which procurement managers can achieve results.
Key discussion topics:
Identifying areas of technology and automation in procurement where efficiencies could be achieved
How can procurement teams better leverage the product/service knowledge of their suppliers to inform their decisions and to train
those using the product/service?
Examining various technologies and systems that can streamline supplier engagement and procurement processes
This session is reserved for our sponsors – if you wish to join them, please contact Raj Khanna at

10:15 | Morning tea

How procurement can support your organization’s customer-centric mission, vision, and values

10:45 | Examining how to have your customer at the center of your procurement strategies

Understanding the value that procurement can bring to external customers
Developing effective approaches to enable stakeholder-centric designing and offering
Implementing procurement transformation, strategy development, and change management to cope with a customer-centric

11:15 | Panel Discussion: Customer of choice – strengthening strategic alliances and building strong supplier relationship

How can you find the balance between competitiveness and collaboration with your partners?
How can supplier relationship management be a critical enabler of business performance and the driver of value and reputation?
What are the most successful approaches to drive value and competitive edge within the organization?
Key considerations when transforming procurement to a high-performance capability by aligning the department’s vision with the
organization’s strategy

12:00 | Networking lunch

Assessing how much value procurement can give to data insights and data analytics

13:00 | CASE STUDY

13:30 | Best practice data analytics and data insights for procurement decision-making

How data analytics can help deliver better outcomes for procurement
Applying data insights to achieve a detailed cost based analyses and facts for improved negotiation
Using analytics to improve procurement processes management
How real facts and data can add value to the department

14:00 | Keynote Presentation: Embracing digital to create cleaner, simpler and more efficient procurement systems

How the DTA is working closely with suppliers and other Commonwealth Agencies to help drive better procurement outcomes
Identifying the key areas where digitalizing processes can make huge impact
Why changing organizational capability and culture is the key challenge to implement these changes – and how to overcome that

14:30 | Analysing the landscape for the digital technology revolution in procurement and supply chain management

An overview of the digital technology revolution in procurement and supply chain
Understanding how your organization can stay relevant to rapidly changing business needs
The rise of sustainable procurement – and its role in a digital transformation environment
How procurement will face new technology challenges such as; the internet of things, Bitcoin, 3D printing and drones

15:00 | Afternoon tea

The contemporary concept of success – why ethical procurement, sustainability, and corporate responsibility is key

15:30 | CASE STUDY: The New Sustainable Procurement Standard ISO20400 – should government procurement adopt it?

How could the newly sustainable procurement standard compliment government procurement reform initiatives
The challenges of advocating a new mindset for sustainable procurement
How NSW Government is preparing for the new international standards for sustainable procurement

16:00 | An overview of the statistics behind integrity and ethics in procurement processes

How to prevent, detect and treat common types of corruption in procurement processes
Understanding how significant and complex corruption in procurement is
An overview of statistical reviews of procurement corruption in recent years
Assessing real-life case studies and examples of procurement corruption and how to more effectively prevent, detect and treat
these incidences

16:30 | PANEL DISCUSSION: Migrating from commercial to social corporate objectives and delivering even greater results

What is the future of corporate responsibility and sustainability in procurement and supply chain?
How can organizations invest in diversity and disability as a corporate responsibility and competitive advantage strategy?
Sustainable buying – how does price weight into an overall decision?
How can you procure ethically whilst keeping to contract and delivering great outcomes?
Panel moderator

17:15 | Closing remarks from the Chair and drawing of the lucky door prize!

17:25 | End of Day Two and close of conference

19:00 | Official event dinner

Training Agenda

 Procurement Leadership Conference 2017 India Asia 

Challenges Being Faced By Procurement Professionals:

The Changing Political and financial mood of the country creates challenges to industry and business organizations and in turn to procurement leader of the organization.

Apart to continual high-paced technological advancement and innovation also increasing the customer expectations in terms of Quality, Pricing and delivery times of the product and services being rendered by the organization.

The traditional approach of Procurement Leadership Professional “Business as usual” and dependencies on poor or inefficient procurement strategies having negative business consequences is no more acceptable for growing organization.

As part of leading organization in the field of Training and Consultancy, we have been noticing these challenges being faced by procurement professional.

As a fact, the challenges of Procurement professional in spite of being active in the different industry, organization and dealing with different sets of products and services, their critical challenges are almost same.

As a special contribution to assist the procurement professional in getting the best amicable solutions and way forward, we invite to procurement professionals and cross-functional team members at all levels to participate in the seminar. 

About the Procurement Conference India 2017

To ensure organization’s continued success, we have ensured some of the most progressive minds in the area of procurement to provide deep insight into how they are helping to organizations in meeting their future procurement challenges, and what is most common challenges will affect the procurement professional of organizations in the years to come.

Through a series of lectures, panels and case studies, this seminar will provide you with a deeper understanding of the emerging trends of procurement, and provide detailed guidance on where you should be directing your attention over the next several years. Simultaneously during open session, the participants will share their bright to have effective procurement strategies, which may be adopted by the different organization for implementation to yield the desired result.

Based on our relationship, with reputed organizations who are part of different industry such as, Electronics, EPC, Glass, Telecom, Pharma, Oil & Gas, Power, Cement, Construction etc., you can meet and interact with the participants of various industries but with the common goal.

Course Director

ASMRENDRA KUMAR SAHA- Ex- Word bank Consultant and Trainer
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