RAMS - Reliability-Availability-Maintainability-Safety

26th - 27th April 2019 Kolkata

Course Description

Why Rams? Reliability-Availability-Maintenability-Safety

Can we accept that a small flaw can cause a car's brakes to fail? Can we deter those dangers to both people and the environment that are inherent in the complex products and systems surrounding us?

The objective of this 2 day Master Class workshop is to provide awareness, knowledge and skills to enable participants in the development and operation of safe, reliable and easily maintainable systems. You will learn how products and systems can be used safely, and how technical faults can be avoided. Furthermore, you will learn how to plan and cost-effectively perform maintenance.

This programme is unique in India and builds on long experience from industry projects, teaching and research. The workshop is suited for people who like to identify and solve problems, have analytical skills, can work structured and systematically, and enjoy both theoretical and practical problems.

Product and system complexity is increasing. Many technical products and systems are combinations of software, electronics and mechanical components. Also, the interactions between technical systems and the economical / social systems of our society are becoming tighter and more inter-dependent. This further complicates the picture. In order to attain the desired RAMS characteristics of a product or system, structured approaches are necessary to:
· quantitatively predict RAMS product / system performance to decide whether the performance is as good as desired or not, and
· systematically identify and remove undesirable /untolerable RAMS characteristics.

Some industries, like the nuclear, space and oil/gas industries have already practiced this for several decades. But still, we see a need to continuously improve current approaches to increase their accuracy. Other industries are only awakening to the need for RAMS, for example, as they
· see that they have warranty costs that are as high as 10 - 12% of their gross sales, or
· are facing devastating liability claims due to harm caused by their products, or
· realize the high costs of product recalls due to potentially harmful product characteristics (unless insured).
· or even have to shutdown plants due to breakdowns that affect human and environment

Customers are also getting more focused both on cost of ownership (where cost of failures and repairs are central) and safety characteristics of their products. In addition, safety requirements are imposed on products and systems through legislations and directives

Thus, both industry, customers and governments realize the need for RAMS, and there is a constant need for RAMS expertise in a wide range of industries and organizations.
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Training Agenda

Training Agenda for RAMS - Reliability-Availability-Maintainability-Safety

1. Introduction to RAMS

2. Setting a business goal

3. Failure Modes and Data

4. Failure Data Analysis -- to gain insights

5. Designing a cost effective maintenance plan to minimize risks and enhance performance

6. Quatitative prediction of RAMS product/system performance -- Reliability Health Indices

8. Systematically identify and remove undesirable and untolerable RAMS characteristics

9. Dealing with product, machine, safety and quality issues simultaneously

10. Embodiment design to ensure system reliability from the start

11. Useful measurement indices and formulae for self audit

12. Implementation problems and their possible solutions

13. Case Studies & Group Discussions
Key take aways from the workshop, participants would be able to:
1. How to plan and cost effectively perform maintenance
2. Quantitatively predict RAMS product/system performance to decide whether the performance is as good or desired with respect to organisational business goals.
3. Systematically identify and remove undesirable and untolerable RAMS charateristics
4. Know the guideline for conducting design reviews for new machinery
For Registrations Tel +91-9619046105 - +91-9167511006 or Email info@marcepinc.com - ali@marcepinc.com

Course Director

Mr. Dibyendu De is a leading exponent in leveraging equipment, process and product reliability through out-of-the-box thinking to achieve business goals of manufacturing organization operating in today’s VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) business environment. He pioneered modern maintenance and reliability engineering practices that effectively changed the engineering practices in India. Years & Nature of Experience = 38 years of perspiration, deep learning, unconventional thinking Qualifications: B.E.(Mech) from NIT Durgapur, M.Tech (Machine Design & Analysis), NIT Rourkela, PGCM in Manufacturing Systems and Reliability, University of Manchester, U.K., PGDM (Marketing) Organizations worked for — Cementation (Engineer), Larsen and Toubro (Senior Engineer), Indian Institute for Production Management (Deputy Director), W.M. Engineering, U.K as Senior Consultant (Total 18 years) Major Achievements: 1. Pioneered Integrated CBM approach (Vibration, Wear Debris Analysis, Thermography, Visual, Work Planning & CMMS) in India (from 1990) 2. Pioneered Reliability Improvement and RCM in India (from 1998) 3. Worked with more than 100 clients and in that process (through various projects) seen the problems and opportunities of Indian Industries both at macro and micro levels. Number of Signature Projects in the past 20 years = 10 4 Best unsolicited Appreciations: a. “If you want a theory go to a Professor but if you want to have a real solution backed by the simplest theory go to him. He has always been able to use outside-the-box thinking to develop innovative solutions” – Dr. Ian Kennedy, M.D. WM Engineering, U.K. b. “The best resource for improving Reliability in Industries” – Rajesh Kundu, President, HZL c. “Every page of your report saves me Rs 40 Lakhs” — G.D. S Sohal, Ex-Director, Jindal Steel d. “What lies behind such spectacular improvements is ‘out of the box’ thinking of a brilliant mind” — Harsh Jha, M.D. Tata Metaliks
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