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SMART is a buzz word today. Every day one comes across news on Smartphones, Smart Cars, Smart appliances & so on. But what one means by SMART? For a common man, anything which has intelligence is SMART.

But what is SMART Instrumentation in the Industry & what is expected from this SMART Instrumentation? The goal of any business is to earn the profit. To any plant or manufacturing Industry, SMART Instrumentation means it has to contribute in enhanced Productivity & Profits with the same equipment & processes. The instrumentation Industry has adopted the latest Electronic & IT Technologies to be SMART. With this state of art techniques, processes are operating now close to the equipment tolerances with improved functionality & operational safety.

Companies are now beginning to understand & quantify the return on Investment by incorporating the SMART Technologies, such as SMART Sensors & Transmitters, Enterprise-wide open real-time Control & Data Acquisition Systems, Advanced Analytics & their tangible & non-tangible benefits. There are many success stories on how millions are saved by revamping the field Instrumentation to SMART or Upgrading to modern DCS or Installation of Functional Safety Systems.

However the Engineers today also need to be smart enough to understand & adapt to these technologies to enhance their Instrumentation & Control systems to SMART functionality. This programme is an endeavor in this direction. It covers the concept of the SMART Instrumentation Systems, the Hardware & Software technology therein, Modern Control Systems & the latest trends, with discussion on case studies & success stories.

Course Benefits:
1) Understand Integration of Open Systems with the Legacy Instrumentation Systems
2) Appreciate Working of SMART Technologies viz. Analog Systems in their Plants
3) Enlightenment with Modern trends in Measurements & their applications
4) Acquaintance with Latest Design & Engineering Concepts in Instrumentation & Control Systems.
5) Enlightenment with Design & Engineering of Modern DCS
6) Understand & Apply the Concept of Functional Safety Systems & their Designs
7) Application of SCADA System in their areas of working
8) Appreciate benefits of SMART Instrumentation Systems & Facilitate in Management Approvals for their Implementation

Training Agenda


But what is SMART Instrumentation for process plants in the Industry & what is expected from this SMART Instrumentation?

Special emphasis on Internet of Thing loT and Industrial 4.0 Revolution

Two Days Training Agenda:

1. Introduction & Concept of SMART Instrumentation

2. Open Systems & Data Communication Technologies

3. Analog Vs. Smart Transmitter Technology

4. Design of HART, FIELDBUS & Wireless Instrumentation Systems

5. Advanced Instrumentation covering latest Field Instruments, other State of the Art

SMART Instruments & their Applications

6. Modern DCS Architectures & Functional Safety PLCs

7. SCADA Systems

8. Modern Instrumentation Design & Engineering Trends

9. Instrumentation Revamping & Case Studies

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Course Director

Professional Experience: Hands on experience: 1) Presently consultant on Control & Instrumentation, functional safety, security systems & training faculty to various Corporate Training Institutes. 2) At Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizers (GNFC) Bharuch, Gujarat (28 years). Worked in various capacities from manager to general manager. Superannuated as General Manager. 3) At Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. (IOCL) Gujarat Refinery, Baroda (8 years)- Worked in various capacities from Instrument Engineer to Deputy Manager. 4) Conducted many training Sessions, Seminars, Conferences & Technical sessions during the course of his tenure in above Industries to engineers, technicians & to senior experienced professionals. Has represented many forums in India & Abroad on Control & Instrumentation in Industries as an expert & also on various panel discussions. 5) Fellow of Institution of Engineers (FIE) In Refinery Units- Atmospheric & vacuum distillation units, Catalyst Reformer, FCCU, Thermal Power Station, LPG & Gas plant, Oil movement & storage, Expansion Projects, Visbreaker, Bitumen Unit, Technical Services, Revamp, etc. In Fertilizers & Chemicals- Ammonia Plant, Urea Plant, steam & power generation plant, Captive Power Plant, Methanol Plants(1, 2,) DM water & all offsite, Aniline TDI Complex, Nitrophoshate Complex (Weak Nitric Acid, Concentrated Nitric Acid, ANP & CAN) & all other peripheral sites. Control & Instrumentation Systems of High-Pressure Coal/ Oil/ Gas Fired Boilers & Turbogenerators, Electro-hydraulic Turbine Control Systems, Turbovisory Systems, Ash Handling System & other utilities in Refinery & Fertilizer Plants.
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