Thermal Power Plants Boiler & Auxiliaries Training in Mumbai

26th-27th September 2018 Mumbai - 28th-29th September 2018 Kolkata

Course Description

Power Plant Masterclass - Thermal Power Plants - Boiler, Air Heater & its Auxilaries

Impacts of boiler efficiency: 

Many factors can impact boiler efficiency, such as poor water treatment, high flue-gas temperature, lowquality fuel, too much excess air (i.e., high oxygen [O2]), low feed-water supply temperature, low combustion-air supply temperature, radiant-heat loss, poor combustion, conduction-heat loss (e.g., fouled tubes), operation at low or cyclic loads, and poor controls/instrumentation. Two of every three steam-plant boilers my company inspects are in need of operational improvements, many of which include major cost-saving opportunities. Facilities with more “mature” steam plants may be using excess fuel, emitting higher levels of nitrogen oxide (NOx) and carbon dioxide (Co2), and impacting manufacturing-process reliability. Efficiency tests should be conducted annually in facilities with boiler fuel costs exceeding $400,000, semiannually in facilities with costs exceeding $800,000, and quarterly in facilities with costs exceeding $2 million. Many boiler-service companies can evaluate steam-plant conditions for a nominal fee. An experienced boiler consultant can identify and quantify anomalies that could be costing thousands of dollars per month.

Benefits to attendees:

Differentiate controllable and uncontrollable losses. List key performance parameters in Heat Rate management State factors responsible for Heat Rate degradation Undertake performance review and analysis to capture performance degradation impacting Heat Rate Explain the Performance Testing techniques of boiler, turbine etc. State the various off line and on line performance tracking and diagnostic tools and associated techniques Specify interventions needed for Heat Rate management on the basis of gap between design and operation parameters 

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Training Agenda

2-Day Training Agenda for Power Plant Masterclass - Thermal Power Plants - Boiler, Air Heater & its Auxilaries

Boiler And Air Heater Performance assessment,
Boiler And Air Heater Performance computation and analysis of performance improvement potentials.
Best practices and New Technology interventions.
Coal characteristics and its impact on power plant performance .
Coal blending for performance improvement & generation cost reduction
Blending methodology,
Optimization of blending ratio

Mill performance parameters (Dirty Air Flow, Fuel Balancing, Clean Air balancing)
Mill performance assessment its role in PF combustion. In boiler furnace
Mill performance improvement potentials,
New technology intervention
Combustion optimization 
New environment norms on SPM, SOx, NOx : challenges to power plant engineers
ESP & Its performance
De NOx & DeSOx Technologies
Case Studies & Group Discussions
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Course Director

Course Director: Dr. Debdas Banerjee (Ph.D. IIT Bombay) from Large thermal power sector (NTPC LTD) with 30 years of experience in Centre for Power Efficiency & Environmental Protection and R&D NTPC. Area of Experience: 1. Boiler performance assessment & analysis through off-line & online monitoring of process parameters like fuel flow, flue gas temperatures and flue gas compositions . 2. Performance assessment of Air Heater, Mill & ESP & their computations. 3. Combustion optimization in power plant 4. Optimization of Coal blending in Power station 5. Assessment of combustion reactivity of Non-coking coal 6. Organizing Seminar, workshop, Training program 7. Presently Guest Faculty for Training programs of Power Management Institute of NTPC & External Institutes (NPTI, IIT Dhanbad etc.) Covered session on coal & combustion area in international training program at IIT(ISM) Dhanbad. FOREIGN TRAINING & Other credits: 1. Attended two weeks training at TA Instrument USA - on applications of THERMAL ANALYSER ( DSC, DTA, TGA). 2. Attended one weak training program on “On Line Fuel Balancing System” organized by Doosan in South Korea. 3. Around 25 papers published & presented
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