Troubleshooting of Distillation in Process Industries

25th - 26th March 2019 Mumbai

Course Description

Course description for Troubleshooting of Distillation in Process Industries

Introduction :
Distillation is one of the widely used separation method in most of the chemical process industries. Improper design /operation & maintenance leads to various troubles like reduced plant capacity, poor quality of separated products, high energy (utility) consumption, etc. 
Training workshop will take participants through various conceptual aspects of the overall distillation system which will help them to identify the various causes of probable troubles and will also suggest their remedial measures. 
Learning outcomes :
Participants will learn 
- Concepts of distillation from design to operations for early identification of causes of the troubles
- Developing approach for Troubleshooting with specific distillation case study
- Typical plant related case studies 

Benefits of attending :
Conceptual understanding of distillation system with shared examples of real plant will upgrade troubleshooting skills of the participants. 

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Training Agenda

Training Agenda for Troubleshooting of Distillation in Process Industries


Session-I : Walk through distillation system 
For the identification of major troubles in the system
Session-II : Understanding of distillation concepts 
Covering design aspects of various hardware components of the distillation column (tray as well as packed columns) 
Session-III : Basic issues of distillation affecting its performance 
Covering fluid flow, heat transfer, mass transfer related issues 
Session-IV : Case study - Reduced distillation plant capacity
Covering a generalized study of distillation system with the various real plant issues 


Session-I : Fluid specific trouble of distillation 
Fluid behaviour affecting distillation performance will be covered
Session-II : Hardware specific trouble of distillation 
Distillation Column, heat exchangers, pipeline, instrument related issues will be covered 
Session-III : Design to operation related troubles 
Design, fabrication, erection, operation & maintenance issues will be covered 
Session-IV : Conclusion 
Various methodologies used in troubleshooting exercise, specific qualities of Troubleshooters, etc will be covered 
After attending two days, you’ll address essential distillation concepts you’re likely to face in process support, operations and design engineering. You’ll review successful strategies for solving thermodynamics, vapor liquid equilibrium, and learn about process design, column operation. You’ll discover how to specify and select the most appropriate distillation hardware. Plus, you’ll learn methods for predicting efficiency using some of today’s modeling techniques.

For registrations contact us on +91-9619046105 or Email us on

Course Director

Mr. Pankaj Khandelwal B.E. (Chemical) – IIT Roorkee, 1985 M.Tech. (Chemical) – IIT Kanpur, 1987 DBM – IGNOU, 1997 Over 3 decades of Industrial work experience in companies such as Birla Research Institute (Aditya Birla Group), Udhe India Ltd., Atul Products Ltd., Praj Industries Ltd. Since 2001, delivering training programs to Corporate Sectors as well as Engineering & Management Colleges. Has published 35 Technical and Management articles in International and Indian Journals, published a book named “Present Your Thoughts Effectively” and over 100+ Letters in English Newspapers.
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