US-FDA Training on Food Safety Modernization Act FSMA

May 24th - 25th 2018 | Mumbai

Course Description

US-FDA Training on Food Safety Modernization Act FSMA Expected outcome:

The most important outcome expected out of this program is the advancement of knowledge among food industry professionals to understand FSMA requirements. Specific knowledge on Preventive Controls for Human Food, awareness of PCQI individual requirements and Product safety rules will be achieved through this program. With this awareness program the participants are also expected to gain knowledge to:
o Update their systems to meet new requirements FSMA. This program will cover more about current FSMA regulations and the ways to implement these requirements.
o Update HACCP plans to comply with HARPC and ensure preventive controls are developed and established for known or reasonably foreseeable hazards
o Update your food defense program to comply with FSMA requirements
o Apply new sanitary transport measures enacted under FSMA
o Understand foreign supplier verification program
o How to use product testing and environmental monitoring as verification system of preventive controls
The FDA required hazard analysis critical control point (HACCP) for juice and seafood and the USDA for meat and poultry. The Food Safety Modernization Act’s (FSMA) proposed Preventive Controls rule for Human Food requires a written Food Safety Plan (FSP) be developed using the hazard analysis risk-based preventive control (HARPC) approach. A preventive approach to food safety is nothing new. But the HARPC approach is a new paradigm shift in thinking. This summit will explain the new thinking, define, what HARPC the approach is, explain how HARPC is different than HACCP, and how employing this thinking helps you arrive at developing a Food Safety Plan in your organization.
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Training Agenda

Training Agenda for US-FDA Training on Food Safety Modernization Act FSMA

Knowing each other- Self
Introduction of Trainer and participants
Provisions under the FSMA
Preliminary steps in developing a food safety plan
Preventative Controls for Food
Review, discussions, workshop exercises, Q&A
- Introduction to the FSMA
- Rules of FSMA
- Preventive (PC) control rule
- Product safety (PS) rule
- Foreign supplier verification program (FSVP) rule
- Preliminary requirements
- types of hazards, conducting a hazard analysis, preventive controls for hazards
- monitoring preventive controls, verification, and validation, and corrective actions/corrections
- record keeping
- Regulatory requirements.
-Food safety Plan- Overview
- GMP and other PRPs
- Code of Federal Regulations (CFR)- requirements and guidelines for Food and drugs (Title 21)- Part 110 & 111
- Risk assessment
- Food safety hazards- Biological, chemical, physical, radiological
Hazard analysis and determination of risk-based preventative controls (HARPCs)
Supply chain PC’s
Review, discussions, workshop
exercises, Q&A
Award of certificates of
- Process Pcs
- Food allergens Pcs
- Sanitation Pcs
- Verification and Validation
- Record keeping
- Recall
- Regulation
For registration email us on or call us on 022-62210100

Course Director

More than 27 years of professional experience working in Agro-food industry, coupled with Life Science research and academia in early career. Worked with more than 50 national and multinational companies in India, Europe, Asia, Africa in projects related to spices, grains, pickles, beverages, ayurveda/ herbal products, NGOs etc. - as a consultant in the area of Quality, Food safety, Sustainable and Organic agriculture, design/upgrade/assess QMS for green/brown field projects and existing processors, Integrated Pest Management, Laboratory quality management, product development , agribusiness management etc.
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