Water & Wastewater Treatment For Industrial & Process Applications

22nd - 23rd October 2018 Chennai & 24th - 25th October 2018 Mumbai & 26th - 27th October 2018 Kolkata

Course Description


“Water & Wastewater Treatment for Industrial & Process Applications” is an intensive two days professional water and wastewater treatment training course developed by the industrial and process water and waste water specialists. The course is designed for water and wastewater treatment professionals including engineers, plant operators, environmental and process specialists, facilities managers, maintenance and engineering contractors, and those with responsibility for the operation and management of industrial and process water systems.
Marcep Inc. provides an in-depth review over two days of many of the common water and wastewater treatment systems used in industrial and process applications, together with the issues faced by those responsible for the implementation, operation and on-going maintenance of such systems. The course includes an introduction to water chemistry and how this impacts its use, it also covers the pre-treatment of water and industrial wastewater treatment. 
The chemistry of water.
Pre-treatment for industrial and process water
Industrial wastewater treatment.
Additionally, the course also includes a number of practical examples and workshop activities, including how to conduct basic fault-finding investigations and prepare cost effective solutions to common problems affecting industrial and process water treatment installations.
Benefit to companies:
  •  Creation of highly-qualified and highly-trained technical and professional staff
  •  Development of leadership and supervisory skills in new and current staff
  •  Effective way to build a pool of new recruits
  •  Promotion of succession planning and knowledge transfer
  •  Exposing new audiences to water sector careers
Individual Competencies gained post training will be:
  •  Demonstrate an understanding of the coagulation and flocculation processes.
  •  Demonstrate the ability to perform a jar test.Identify the various types of sedimentation and clarification equipment used.
  •  Demonstrate an understanding of backwash procedures and scheduling.
  •  Describe some of the common problems associated with filter maintenance and their remedy.
  •  Demonstrate an understanding of disinfection and chlorination processes. Identify the lab procedures used to monitor disinfection and   chlorination.
  •  Demonstrate an understanding of waste disposal methods.
  •  Demonstrate an understanding of the fluoridation, potassium permanganate/greensand filtration and ion exchange.
  •  Demonstrate the ability to accurately calculate chemical dosage, flow rate, detention time and feet of head.
  •  Demonstrate an understanding of the processes and equipment used in Preliminary Treatment.
  •  Demonstrate an understanding of the processes and equipment used in Primary Treatment.
  •  Demonstrate an understanding of the processes and equipment used in Secondary Treatment, to include: lagoon systems, activated   sludge plants and trickling filter plants.
  •  Describe the various processes for conditioning and dewatering sludge, processes involved with aerobic digestion and processes   involved with anaerobic digestion.

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Training Agenda

Training Agenda for Water & Wastewater Treatment For Industrial & Process Applications

Day 1
  •  Sources of Water
  •  Impurities in Water
  •  Effect of Impurities in water and their method of removal
  •  Objective of water treatment
  •  Aeration
  •  Coagulation & Flocculation chemistry and devices
  •  The factors that influence sedimentation
  •  Types of Clarifiers
  •  Coagulation Chemicals (Coagulants)
  •  Filtration, Process, media and operations
  •  Important points on Filter
  •  Drinking Water Treatment Operations Safety Practices
  •  Disinfection Processes
              -    Chlorination, Chlorine Calculation in water treatment
              -    Chlorine demand, Chlorine residual
              -    Factors governing chemical disinfection
  •  De Mineralizer Plant
  •  Troubleshooting Of Water Treatment Plant (Clarifier, Filers And
  • Dm Plant)
  •  Membrane Technologies
               -    Ultra filtration & Ro: Reverse Osmosis (RO):
               -    Ro Feed Water Pretreatment Requirement
               -    Brief Best Practices Reverse Osmosis Plant Operation
Day 2
Overview of Wastewater Treatment
  •  Purpose of Treatment;
  •  Sources of Wastewater;
  •  Typical Treatment Facilities;
  •  Preliminary Treatment;
  •  Primary Treatment;
  •  Secondary Treatment;
  •  Tertiary Treatment;
  •  Disinfection and Effluent Discharge;
  •  Solids Handling
  •  Physical Separation of Solids
  •  Chemical Treatment Processes
  •  Chemical Coagulants
  •  Biological Processes
  •  Lagoons; Activated Sludge;
  •  Aeration; Trickling Filters;
  •  Secondary Clarifiers
  •  Solids Treatment and Disposal
  •  Sludge Thickening;
  •  Dewatering; Drying
Question and Answers
For registration call us at +91-22-62210100 Mobile no. 8097255169  Email us on info@marcepinc.com

Course Director

A seasoned power plant Chemistry and water treatment professional with in-hand experience of about 24 yrs after passing M.Sc. Applied Chemistry from Government Engineering College, Jabalpur in 1995.He has worked with India’s Pioneer Water Treatment Company and with Giant Private Power Generators in India viz. Tata Power, Adani Power, Jindal Power, LPGCL as HOD Power Station Chemistry and Environment. He has both experiences of sub critical and super critical power plants, commissioning-O&M and troubleshooting of water treatment plants, boiler water, cooling water, stator water and waste water. He was also associated with a reputed Institute of Power Technology as a faculty on Water treatment and Power Plant Chemistry. He has presented many papers on water treatment, power plant chemistry and water management in national seminars and magazines and also written an academic text book on water treatment - power plant chemistry for regular post graduate degree curriculum of Jindal Institute of power technology.
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