Mechanical Seals in Mumbai India


Mechanical Seals in Mumbai India

Industrial Mechanical Seals | Mechanical Seals Suppliers in India | Advantages of Mechanical Seals | Disadvantages of mechanical seals

What is Mechanical Seal?
The mechanical seals are leakage control device which is one of the most relevant components of a pumping system as the seal simply forms a barrier between the pump motor and the volute (Spiral Curve) of a pump, protecting the pumping motor against leakage.
It is simply the method of containing fluid within a vessel where a rotation shaft passes through a stationary housing. In many industrial processes such as flue gas desulphurization, crude oil transport and refining, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and electricity production use the mechanical seal to prevent leakage. It is important that the mechanical seals are properly maintained by the operator by thorough functional understanding, installation requirement and failure of mechanical seals for safety and component reliability that the industry is increasingly demanding.
The Basic Mechanical Seals Components:
A mechanical seals design consists of 7 components.
  • Stationary components referred to as the seat.
  • Stationary component sealing member (ring) between shaft and ring.
  • Rotating component.
  • Rotating component sealing member.
  • Spring
  • Pins and Bellows
  • Gland plate
  • Clamp ring
The Function of Mechanical Seals:
There are four main sealing points within an end face mechanical seal.
  1. The seal between the rotating (3) and stationary faces (1), known as primary seal
  2. The seal between the stationary member (1) and stuffing box face i.e. Gasket (2)
  3. Third Sealing points are between the rotating member and shaft sleeve (4), known as secondary seal and O-ring, a V-ring, a wedge.
  4. The seal between the gland plate and stuffing box, usually a gasket, or o-ring.
It is one of the techniques to seal the gap formed between a rotary shaft and a stationary stuffing box. The primary seal is the basis of a mechanical seal design. The rotating component (3) and stationary components (1) are compressed against each other.  It forms a seal with a mating ring.
The mating faces of both components are machined to be hugely flat within 2 light bands, which is a visual method of measuring flatness. Spring compression provides an initial face force.

Advantage/Disadvantages of Mechanical Seals over Conventional packing:
  • Zero or drastic reduction in leakage.
  • Control all types of fluids (Acids and abrasive particles).
  • Reduce Friction and power loss.
  • Reduced maintenance cost and time.
  • Handled B-directional shaft revolution, large temperature, pressure, and speed trips.
  • Elimination of the shaft wears.
  • Long operating life.
  • The structure is more complex and Mechanical Seals cannot normally deal with pivotal end play.
  • It requires more space than radial lip seals.
  • Installing, replacing are much trouble, and one-time investment is higher.
  • Sealing countenances must be done smooth (0.08 to 0.4 micrometer) and can get effectively damaged.

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Industrial Mechanical Seals | Mechanical Seals Suppliers in India | Advantages of Mechanical Seals | Disadvantages of mechanical seals

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